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We welcome you to Sri Lankans’ most comprehensive and informative travel guide, The Sri Lanka Guide. Sri Lanka has is Prestigious history for more than 5000 years and it is of course a super paradise island on Earth since the nature was born. The Sri Lanka Guide is explaining about this splendid island and its contents with highly trustful and the time you spend on our magazine be filled with exciting experiences and memories of which you carry long after you leave …

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We Specially distribute to Chauffeur Tour Guide’s association and Immigration desks at the Colombo (BIA) airport, Tourism Promotion Bureau and also hotels, clubs, casinos will drive more strength to its appearance in the tourist community.

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High quality magazine print expose highly about Sri Lanka and it’s values and of course its other contents to readers.

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Traveling Tips




Traveling Tips

Sri Lanka is a round-the-year destination for visitors looking for sun and sea with the best time to visit the island being from November to April. The southwestern coastal area where most of the beach resorts are located and Kalpitiya,


Custom Information

Tourists from over 80 countries who visit Sri Lanka are exempt from visa requirements and receive a free 30-day visa on arrival. Those who visit for purposes other than tourism should obtain prior visas from a Sri Lankan Consular Office in their home countries.


Traveler's special needs

Travelers with special needs, especially if they visit Sri Lanka without a companion, should note that the country has relatively few facilities for disabled people, although greater awareness and improvements are evolving.