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National Aeronautical & Space Administration (NASA) of the USA has revealed that the Sri Lanka is the most lowest gravitational force area on Earth. It is about much relaxation or leisure when we talking in Tourism. so Sri Lanka is the Best relaxation place on Earth. Some believe and historical factors say it’s where the Lord Buddha was Born and Lived country and also some say Sri Lanka is a Gift of God.

Valmiki of Ramayana fame called it Lankapura. To the Romans it was Taprobane. The Arabs named it Serendib. The Portuguese – Ceilan. The Dutch called it Ceylan. The British named it Ceylon. Finally the Lankans renamed it Sri Lanka. One of the finest tributes awarded to this resurgent country came from the pen of hat great adventurere Marco Polo.

Quote ; “On leaving the island of Andoman and sailing one thousand miles a little South of West, the traveler reaches Ceilan which is undoubtedly the finest land of this size in the world”. – Marco Polo, According to Arab Muslim legend Adam and Eve, who were banished from paradise, crossed the land-locked continent of Gondwana Land across Adam’s bridge over which they crossed the Palk Strait. They were supposed to have settled in Mannar and to this day a little mosque stands over a place that is claimed to be their burial site.

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Many important world famous travelers have visited the island. They were Marco Polo (1293), Fa Hsien (3992 – 414) and Friar Odiric of Padua (1329). The greatest visitor who ever stepped on this land was Lord Gauthama Buddha. Even Lord Skanda, son of Siva, left Mt. Kailash and settled with his new found island love, Valli, at Vedihitikanda, a mountain close to Katharagama. Famous personalities like Thomas Lipton, James Tailor, Thomas Villier, Walter Stanley Senior and Arthur C. Clark made Sri Lanka their homes. This earthly paradise draws many sophisticated and discerning travelers like the proverbial “moths to the flame”.

It’s a land steeped in myth, mystery, legend, folklore, Romance and drama. Sri Lanka is a hugely satisfying travel experience. The famous paleontologist Dr. Sirhan Deraniyagala’s assertion is that the island was inhabited by humans from around 125,000 B.C. That’s a pretty long time by any measure. The stone edifices like the Doloman at Padavigampola in Rambukkana stand on par for sheer historical significance with all such edifices of pre-historic civilizations the world over. The final report from Britain on the recent excavation of the remains unearthed at Fahiengala caves is being eagerly awaited.

Sri Lanka has everything a traveler looks for and then some more ! Waikiki was believed to have been the greatest beach until tourists stepped ashore at Unawatuna. Here one encounters an endless stretch of mile upon mile of golden sands which girdle this lost paradise. If your interest is in ruined cities there is the cultural triangle that brushes shoulders confidently to compete with the famed Machu Picchu in Peru.Culture lovers will certainly have more than their fill of experiences in this multi-ethnic culture that has survived on this land for endless centuries. If panoramas fascinate you, drink deeply in the sun-kissed mist-veiled undulations of mountains which rise up at your every turn. And if wild life excites you take your pick of any of the dozens of national parks replete with mammoths, bear, deer, leopard, reptiles and whatever. Local trackers will be there aplenty to help get your escapades straightened out…and have still not failed to bring the visitors back in one piece!.

For the food fanatic, the local food culture that keeps changing with every bend on your journey, influenced by diverse ethnic cuisines, can prove to be just what the devil ordered.. what with generous servings of red peppers, mustard, spices and seasonings. Worth coming from across the globe to taste these delights which just might leave you a bit red in the face. For the health conscious the health triangle in the central uplands is a sanatorium. Those who are foot loose would find ample opportunities for walking, trekking and hiking. Country roads, bridle paths, caravan routes, ancient pilgrim treks and the back waters are all out there for those who are keen on adventure. White water rafting, canoeing and rock climbing add to the menu to satisfy one and all.

And after sunset, what more would you want other than a sound night’s sleep under the stars in a specially set up, secure camp site? The water falls with their age old legends will hold you spellbound. You name it and Sri Lanka’s ever-smiling folk will help you find it and hand it over to you on a platter.

There are plenty of easily affordable hotel of all categories here, plus guest inns and home stays dotted all over with transport available on every highway, byway, rail and air. Sri Lanka is now perhaps the number one dream destination for all discerning travelers … .take your next flight out here and walk into that dreamland. It will be an incomparable tryst with your destiny.Geographically, Sri Lanka is packed into an area of 65609.88 square km with the longest distance from one point to another being 434.43 km and the width 225.26 km. It’s a land of mountains, valleys, beaches, mangroves, dunes, open plains, cloud forests, herbs and spices, gems and diamonds, rivers and lakes, quail and the peacock along with the elephant and the leopard. It’s certainly no wonder that she attracted so many foreign powers half way across the globe in past centuries. 

It’s said that the early Arabs navigated their vessels guided by a sailor perched on the crows nest with his nose out for a whiff of the great cinnamon aroma drifting with the trade winds. With the return to post-conflict normalcy travel could be fascinating and interesting.  The island is already geared to welcome any kind of traveler from charter bird to F.I.T. Numerous travel outfits offer their services on the internet and their web sites making it easy for you to make your travel decisions. You of course could also come to Sri Lanka on your own as getting around would be quite easy with the help of friendly smiling Lankans who will be only too happy to help you out with anything relating to travel matters.

Make short shrift of the pesky touts you are likely to bump into. Giving them no slack can be quite a nice way to start your day with. Sri Lanka is inhabited by the Sinhalese, Tamils, the Moors, the Burghers[European descendants] and many descendants of other nationalities. They follow different religions namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Two multi-religious shrines – Sri Pada (Adams Peak) and Katharagama draw crowds of different faiths to the annual festivals celebrated in those places. All modern communication facilities are available in every nook and corner of the island. The health services network touches even the most remote village. Volumes will be needed to give a resume of everything that Sri Lanka has to offer and space here makes that impossible.

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